Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYFW is upon us shortly as well as FNO @ Tokyo (sorry NY resident..)
and i'm pretty excited 
however the summer is ending pretty soon though still weather is warming up
so let's take a look at what my eyes caught up during past few days...
1. Straight Up inside the NS building 2. ELMGREEN and DRAGSET "Marfa" 
3. spinach veggie wrap with hand made hummus and guacamole 
4,5. Art Fest @ Shinjyuku
6. My first frozen beer comes with black and white 
7. My grocery shopping with  bright color #ootd 
8. Idea of using ziplock as my new make up bag
9. my 3rd time broiled eel this summer 

1.新宿NSビルの中にある世界一の吹き抜け空間 日建設計 2.テキサス州MarfaにあるPrada Store
4,5. 新宿で行われたアートフェスタ やよいちゃんを見てきたよ
6.初めての黒と白のフローズン生ビール! 美味でございました
9. 3回目のうな重、今年の夏は贅沢に過ごしたよ

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