Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mr.Oliver and Mrs.Olive

Preppy and Surf プレッピーとサーフなテイスト

Kailua is my usual area to stop by while I'm in Oahu
Mrs.Olive and Mr.Oliver are locating at Kailua are friendly small boutiques
Despite the fact that lady's line Olive is nothing so different
with any other ladies boutiques in Honolulu,
men's line Oliver has such a good taste
it's more for urban boys who has a taste in preppy and Surf
and for people who wears Saturdays Surf NYC,Band of Outsiders
I'm sure you guys will like here!
Hawaii was lacking of men's quality shops and for those who was looking for
not as expensive as Neiman Marcus, and more with quality
than Abercrombie&Fitch and Hollister..etc  this shop is really worth going
you can tell that the owner has intentionally selected
the decor for the boutique too
このMrs.Olive and Mr.Oliverのお店には初めて
mensのOliverの方は雑誌のPOPEYEのcity boyが行きそうなお店
それにHawaiian tasteが加えられたものなので
Saturdays SurfやBand of outsidersが好きな方とかはどうでしょうか?
ただでさえ数少ないHawaiiでのmens shop
Neiman Marcus程高級ラインでなく、A&FやHollisterみたいに
典型的なアメリカンカジュアルのfast fashionでもない

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