Thursday, February 6, 2014

Irish Tea

大人のティーレシピ Irish Tea

Since we are having the lowest temperature at the moment in Japan,
it's the perfect time for sharing the recipe to warm up your body
i know that we all love stopping at Starbucks and buy your favorite beverage 
but it's time to getting away and relying on their machine! 
let's save our money! 

what you need:

2 person

Hot water 500ml
3~4 tbsp organic black tea
cognac/whisky/brandy  your preference 
Honey as much as you want 
lemon optional
Cinnamon stick optional 

Add the boiling water and place tea leaves in teapot
and allow to steep for mini 2 mins

Pour out tea into mugs/tea cups 
pour in cognac,honey and lemon 
Stir mix with cinnamon stick 

Buon appetito! 

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