Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beauty Habit I Do

Wait a sec I didn't realize that November has been started...is this mean
we have only 56 days left till the year ends? oh no I have few
resolutions left that I haven't completed yet
Oh well...moving on to my beauty habit/thing I do sometime
I don't spray my Diptyque perfum interior to my plant but
I do spray it in my room! it's romantic smell just like a real rose
since it's getting cold, my skin need hydration and I have been using
this hand cream from BUTTER London and so far it's not bad

I have been using comb for my hair since a year ago
and I'm taking care of it to use it long time
here's my routine for "how to take care comb"

1. Drizzle olive oil or anything with vegetal oil on comb  
2. Wipe off the olive oil with tissue paper/kitchen paper 
3. Finishing off by brushing inside with tooth brush like flossing 
 Repeat this routine once a month or so

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