Tuesday, October 8, 2013

芸術の秋/Fall is for Art season

ならではの"artの秋" 芸術に触れてみる...、ということでGiuseppe Verdi生誕200周年
日本人女性なら誰もが憧れる? 星組レオンのタカラジェンヌを観たり、
先週末はcookie monster色のcupcakeやChanelのrobotにinspireされた
ものをつくったり? ChanelのlegoのclutchにそっくりのiPhone caseを持ち
ところでblogspotて画像荒くなる? 何故かどの写真も荒い...すごく悲しい気分

Why not we love this time of year? finally art season is here
and what i've done to feel more arty? since 2013 is Giuseppe Verdi's
200th birthday at La Scala, i've watched his masterpiece "Rigoletto",
watched Takarazuka (Japanese women's only opera), touched some
public arts! clearly I need some mentally stimulating
On last weekend, had made some cookie monster color cupcakes
and made robot inspired by chanel robot?
I want to do something little "unordinary" any idea?
anywayz does any of you know why i
get lower quality photos by uploading on blogspot? it's weird...

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