Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Haul

You know how youtubers does haul videos? FYI haul videos are mainly 
for girls/women vlogging what they've bought and taking out stuffs infront
of camera or showing their favorite items etc...
girls love doing this kind of thing (idk about boys) and I do too but since I don't do
vlogging, I decided to do this through blogging

My favorite nail polish of my summer was Dior Vernis 651
and it has shimmer running through. 
この夏のお気に入りnail polishはDior Vernisの651 ラメがかかっていて綺麗めな色

Essential colorful arm candy that i had used for this full summer and my folding wayfarer 
1. Chan Luu 2.Bought at Hawaii 3,4,5. Mama's handmade 

Favorite snack? well I ate so many that I couldn't pick I decided with this
gingerbon that is always in my bag or on desk! it's very chewy texture with ginger
but taste really good! similar to "gin gin" if you guys know that product
持ち歩いていたり机の上に置いてあるものはこのジンジャー味のchewing candy

Lanikai Bath&Body Works-Plumeria   Hawaiian Tropic-After Sun   CLEAN-Warm Cotton
Depends on which season, I choose my scent and this summer, I chose something
that is like "oh that's summer!" kinda scent. Whenever I put Hawaiian tropic
on my body, I really smelled like pina colada 
真ん中に限っては、pina coladaのような匂いがして、すごくtropicalでjuicyなの

I've watched only this movie this summer and I say I like it although I almost
fell asleep at the beginning...this is Italian movie and the place where this had been
taken was at Rome which didn't seem like Rome since 
there were only contemporary architecture and not traditional historical one
All the background music was from very famous classic songs like
L'ho Perduta from Mozart,Cello Suites from Bach..and I was completely fell in love with all songs 


And last but not least...the music I was repeating over and over was 
Erlend Oye-La Prima Estate 
He's Norwegian but moved to Italy so he's singing in italian
song was inspired by Sicilia and i like this nostalgic melody 

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