Friday, August 2, 2013

Some trending lists that caught my eye throughout these week

1. Book Inspired Flavors with Ben&Jerry's 

first off, if you've been reading this blog or have known me in person,
probably you guys know that
when it comes with an ice cream, i'm all over it:)
some of you might know that i'm a major sweet tooth
and this news really made my day
so really? book inspired flavors!? most of the people in my age are familiar
with Harry Potter and i even get excited with any Harry Potter related items:)
the naming "Berry Potter" is eye catching too. 
It's such a good idea to do collaboration with book although 
I don't know other books except Harry potter and Oliver Twist...
don't you think this book series ice cream should be added as regular flavor?
guys which of the flavors are your favorite? tell me:) 

米国の出版社,Quirk BooksがBen&Jerry'sとコラボして"人気小説フレーバーアイス"を
何よりもHarry Potter世代の自分としては"Berry Potter"なんて名前つけられたら
気になって仕方がない。実はOliver TwistとHarry potter以外の小説は分からないけど

2. H&M finally launched E-commerce
 Finally H&M launched E-commerce for US customers after confirming 
that they're launching in August. H&M was already offering E-commerce
to Sweden,Norway,Finland,Dutch,Denmark,Uk,Austria and Germany.
 At this point I think everyone is full of question mark why those countries
I mentioned but not US...? So here's the reason why they have been delayed
launching E-commerce to US. Apparently they were trying to focus on 
opening more stored worldwide!

行っていたのに何故アメリカにはまだ..? それには以下の理由があったらしい。
今度のIsabel Marantとのteamed up商品もonlineで買えるそう....
それより日本はいつE-commerceが上陸されるの? 私的には

3. Alexander Wang's first handbag collection for "BALENCIAGA"

The new Wang's "it" bag for Balenciaga. When I hear a brand "Balenciaga",
what always comes on my mind is that motorcycle bag and I'm a huge fan of it. 

Alexander Wang's signature bag was very edgy design with studds
so was surprised to see how these two are completely different.
This new Le dix is satchel shape and very mode and simple yet elegant. 

Remember new Saint Laurent duffle bag? is very simple just like this 
Balenciaga bag. Are luxury brand designers focusing on minimum form bag?

最近は新生Saint Laurentもだけど、minimumなformを追求しているbagが多い
この新生Balenciagaの"it" bagも皆のmust haveに仲間入りされるのかしら? 

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